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RITY Now Reps The David Frost Show (1969-1972)

For almost two years, Reelin’ In The Years Productions, has been representing The Sir David Frost Archive, and in that time many unique items have been discovered in the vaults.  Because David Frost had produced many different programs for various companies around the globe, it has made it very difficult to locate master tapes and films.  From the moment we signed the agreement to be the exclusive rep for The Sir David Frost Archive, one of the monumental shows he produced that we very much wanted to represent was The David Frost Show, produced by Group W and David Frost.

The David Frost Show is an amazing time capsule of one of the most contentious and creative periods of the 20th century. During the course of the show’s run from 1969 to 1972, David interviewed such high profile guests such as Gloria Steinem, Cesar Chavez, Huey Newton, U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, former Nazi Party Official Albert Speer, and a 20-year-old Prince Charles. He also sat down with the giants of the entertainment world- comedians, singers, actors and sports figures such as Johnny Carson (in a rare 90-minute interview), Groucho Marx, 1936 gold medal Olympian Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Lucille Ball together with Carol Burnett, Norman Rockwell and playwright Tennessee Williams. Major music artists such as the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Barbra Streisand, Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder and Carly Simon all made appearances as well. Many controversial and polarizing subjects were discussed and debated such as the Vietnam War, the Kent State shootings, Black Power, the women’s liberation movement, gun rights, drug legalization and the Apollo moon landing.

It was a very well-rounded program, thought-provoking as well as entertaining, perfectly capturing this unique time period.

Check out this 13-minute demo:


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