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David Peck is honored be an Executive Producer of the new Bee Gees Doc on HBO Max.

In my career I’ve been blessed to have either won or been nominated for various awards (including a Grammy Nomination in 2004) but one of my greatest achievements premiered Saturday night, Dec.12th, on HBO Max, the new Bee Gees documentary, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. It is the first time that I have received an Executive Producer credit on a film of this stature, and it’s a huge honor to have worked on a film directed by Frank Marshall, who is an absolute giant. I was equally honored to work closely with the amazing production team at White Horse Pictures (Nigel Sinclair, Aly Parker, Nick Ferrall, Jeanne Elfant Festa, and Cassidy Hartmann) and I was heavily involved in guiding them in the direction of footage, not just in my archive, but others, that I thought fit the scene, and gave advice on historical accuracy as each cut developed. In the documentary, there is an incredible amount of home (8mm) movie footage from the Bee Gees own archive, and I know a lot about how they should look when they are properly transferred. These Bee Gees films were transferred many years ago and when I saw them in the earlier cut of the film I practically begged them to re-transfer them, which they did, and the results are night and day. In addition, a very large part of the archive in this film (separate from what is owned by the Bee Gees) was licensed by Reelin’ In The Years.

I’m incredibly honored that I received an Executive Producer credit in this wonderful documentary and it’s such a joy for me to see the parts of the film that reflect my input. To have people such as Frank Marshall and Nigel Sinclair listen to my suggestions and incorporate them into their film fills me with immense pride and I was thrilled to watch the finished film along with the rest of the fans.

There are a lot more exciting projects coming up with White Horse Pictures that I am so looking forward to being a part of and I very much appreciate the faith and trust they have shown me.

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